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    International Cooperation

    International Cooperation aims to broaden international exchanges, to build up benign cooperation scenario and atmosphere, and to strengthen its international impact which is the essential path for the SSSC to stand among the world first class. Currently, this society is already a member of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) and of the East and Southeast Asia Federation of Soil Science Societies (ESAFS). Quite a number of scientists held posts in the IUSS one after another. In October 2005, a delegation of presidents of the soil science societies of 9 European countries, headed by Prof. S. Nortcliff, Secretary General of the IUSS and Prof. W. E. H. Blum, President of the European Federation of Soil Science Societies, visited China at the invitation of the SSSC and held a symposium jointly on “Pedosphere – Basic Points for Sustainable Development of the Ecology and Environment in China and EU in the 21st Century”. The symposium not only provided a forum for exchange and discussions on academic topics and on operating mechanisms of the soil science societies of China and European countries as well, but also witnessed signing of a memorandum of understanding for overall cooperation among the three parties, including the IUSS. By far, the SSSC has signed long-term cooperative agreements with a number of world-famous academic institutions, such as the International Council on Plant Nutrition, the Rothamsted Experimental Station of the UK, the International Potassium Institute, the Sulfur Institute (TSI), the International Agricultural Research Center (Japan), etc.. The Distinguished Achievement Award for Sulfur Fertilizer Research established jointly by the SSSC and TSI has already been granted twice (once every four years). Besides, the society has set up a Sino-German Joint Laboratory on Soil and Environment, and a Joint Open Laboratory on Soil and Environment with the Hong Kong Baptist University.

    As a member of IUSS, four of Chinese scientists of soil sciences from our society hold positions. Committee on prizes and awards - Zhang Fusuo, Committee on budget and finance - Zhang Ganlin, Division 2 Commission 5 Soil interfacial relations - Huang Qiaoyun, Division3 Commission 4 Soil engineering and technology - Zhang Jiabao. 

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