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    Upcoming Events

    Year 2026

    ·The 23rd World Congress of Soil Science, Nanjing, China.


    Year 2021

    ·First IUSS Conference on Sodic Soil Reclamation, May 10-12, Changchun, China.


    ·The 13th Cross-strait Soil and Fertilizer Academic Conference, July 20-22, Taiyuan, China.

    ·Asia Flux 2021, September 21-23, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.



    ·The 2nd National Soil Remediation Conference and the 6th International Conference on Soil Pollution and Remediation (SOILREM), tbd, Nanjing, China.

    Year 2022

    ·The 10th Symposium on Forest Soils (ISFS 2022), October 17-21, Hangzhou, China.


    Postponed from October 2021


    Past events in 2013-2019

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