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    Specialty (working) Committees

    13 Specialty Committees

    Soil physics

    Soil chemistry

    Soil-plant nutrition

    Soil ecology

    Soil biology and bio-chemistry

    Soil genetic classification and soil geography

    Soil erosion and soil-water conservation

    Soil environment

    Salt-affected soils

    Forest soils

    Soil remote-sensing and information

    Soil fertility and fertilizer

    Soil remediation

    8 Working Committees

    Soil science popularizing

    Soil science education


    Soil quality standardization

    Soil engineering

    Edition and term vertification

    Soil analysis technique

    International collaboration

    3 Working Groups:


    Soil health

    Environmental microplastics

    5 Editorial Boards

    “Acta Pedologica Sinica”

    “Soil Bulletin”

    “Journal of Soil and Water Conservation”


    “Arid Zone Research”

    An Office of Secretariatdealing with routine work.

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